We Need to Talk About Antisemitism

Praise for the Book

An eye-opening and thought-provoking read.

Kirkus Reviews

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An essential read for anyone interested in any aspect of antiracism or diversity, equity, and inclusion, or who generally wants to understand the current climate for Jewish people.

Library Journal, starred review

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In this clearly argued, readable, and passionate book, Rabbi Diana Fersko confronts the complicated set of poisonous ideas facing Jews in our times and seeks the tools and words to fight back. A crucial guide for those perplexed by the persistence of antisemitism and by what can be done about it.

Matti Friedman

Author of Who by Fire

Rabbi Diana Fersko’s book is written with passion, insight, and a deep commitment to the Jewish people. It shows how antisemitism enters different aspects of our life, sometimes without us realizing it. It is urgent to discuss these issues and Diana demonstrates to us how to do so.

Natan Sharansky

Soviet Dissident, human rights activist, and Chairman of the Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy

‘Antisemitism is complicated and confusing’ — or so we all say. Diana’s book says otherwise, demystifying the convoluted subject with clarity, conviction, and real-life case studies. You’ll find yourself emotionally invested, nodding, gasping, sighing and eye-rolling your way through a book that could be a 101 course or a PhD study guide. You’ll be surprised that, with such a serious topic, you could thoroughly enjoy the read.

Amanda Berman

Founder and Executive Director, Zioness Movement

A millennial rabbi explores why we’re reluctant to discuss antisemitism —and empowers us to fight against it

Antisemitism is on the rise in America, in cities and rural areas, in red states and blue states, hiding behind meme accounts or marching openly in the streets​. Rabbi Diana Fersko is used to having difficult conversations with members of her congregation about the issues they face—from the threat of violence to microaggressions and identity denial. In We Need to Talk About Antisemitism, she gives all of us the tools we need to understand the state of antisemitism today.

Calling on Jews and non-Jews alike, she teaches us how to speak up against hate—and counter it with a message of solidarity and hope. This is a timely read for anyone passionate about fighting for a better tomorrow.

Release date: August 29, 2023.  Now available for purchase.